samples of some of the work that I do.

The Lost Fleas

The Lost Fleas is a collection of fun fleas, each flea is unique and has been found all over the world, many of them have been left alone, sad and helpless.
Now they live on the Ethereum Blockchain.and are looking for a home.
Are you ready to adopt a flea?

What makes these fleas special?

They are the first fleas that now live on the blockchain, this was necessary after the wallets have been filled with so many animals....there must be fleas..

Each flea includes in its description the coordinates of the place where it was found.
Some fleas hide some information about a place, or a special character... etc.....

---- FAQ ----

What’s the pricing for each flea?

Each flea NFT is 1/1 and will only cost 0.07ETH. (Except for some that will be put up for auction)

Where is the collection available?

The Lost Fleas Collection is available on OpenSea .

Are The Lost Fleas a good investment?

That is ultimately a decision for you to make. I think The Lost Fleas have a long life, are fun and will be constantly growing. However, the success of this collection depends on many factors that I don't even know about! Between all of us we will try to make The Lost Fleas go far, but one thing, don't spend what you can't afford.

Who is in charge of the fleas?

At the helm of this is a single person JrCasas, a creative and illustrator for over 20 years. That every day he travels the world looking for, and risking his life, in every wild or not so wild animal hair, in every old mattress, in every abandoned place, hoping to find some lonely, sad and sorry flea and give it a home.

Are all Fleas minted?

No, each flea, once found, undergoes a vaccination and sanitization process and is prepared for its correct adoption. Once they are ready, they will be announced.
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