samples of some of the work that I do.

Pancho And Moncho

A collection of ≥100 and ≤1000 unique and diverse NFTs, Pancho and Moncho are two funny characters that have come to live in the Ethereum Blockchain.
Each illustration of Pancho and Moncho has been created and hand drawn by JrCasas, trying to give them a touch of humor. ...oh, and without the help of any AI, only with the help of a coffee pot.
If you want to know how this collection differs from the others, read on.

Why are Pancho and Moncho different from other collections?

First, pancho and moncho are not animals!!!.
Second, the rarity system is not based on object combinations. continue reading....
The rarities of Pancho and Moncho are in that they are classified by themes that can have 5, 10, 15, 20.... illustrations of Pancho and Moncho each theme. Themes like Demon and Angel, SunBurn, Zombies etc.... And Pancho and Moncho Nudes!
And that's why I don't decide which theme will be the first to sell out or have more value.... it will be you!
Example of theme Demon and Angel (limited to 5 illustrations)

---- FAQ ----

What’s the pricing for each Pancho and Moncho?

Each Pancho and Moncho NFT is 1/1 and will only cost 0.05ETH. (Except auctions and specials)

Where is the collection available?

Pancho and Moncho Collection is available on OpenSea.
The release is on 13.07.2021 16:00 (CEST).

Are pancho and moncho a good investment?

That is ultimately a decision for you to make. I think Pancho and Moncho have a long life, are fun and will be constantly growing. However, the success of this collection depends on many factors that I don't even know about! Between all of us we will try to make Pancho and Moncho go far, but one thing, don't spend what you can't afford.

Who is in charge of this?

At the helm of this is a single person JrCasas, a creative and illustrator for over 20 years. Although always surrounded by friends who advise him to do things right... or wrong.

Are all Panchos and Monchos minted?

The first release will be about 24, after that between 5 and 20 will be released each week... or more... depending on the themes. and maybe some surprise drops!
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---- ROADMAP ----

-Launch Pancho and Moncho-

- tuesday 13th of July 2021 at 16:00pm CEST!


- From time to time there will be a raffle of several days to promote the collection where people will have the opportunity to be part of Pancho and Moncho.


- The Airdrops will be for collectors, so they can add one more Pancho and Moncho to their collection.

- They will be selected randomly and the collector who has more Panchos and Monchos will have more chances in the raffle.

-Live Auctions-

- Some special pieces will be auctioned for everyone.

- others only for Pancho and Moncho collectors.

-First drop sold-

- first Pancho and Moncho full nude auction

- I will try to sleep at least 8 hours

-50 sold-

- I hire a physiotherapist so that my back and arm can withstand so many hours of drawing.

-75 sold-

- I hire a person with a whip to force me to draw faster and not stop.

-...and more-

- As the collection and sales progress, more to come...

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